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Carnival Liberty Photo Gallery

Outdoor Deck Areas and Exterior Views


The Carnival Liberty is a large mainstream cruise ship that sails the Caribbean year-round. Since the ship cruises to this sunny destination, many guests like to spend as much time as possible outdoors. These Carnival Liberty pictures focus on the outdoor deck areas of the ship and also show some exterior views.

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Pool Deck on a Sea DaySports DeckJogging TrackCarnival Liberty - Swimming PoolMid-Ship Swimming Pool
BlueIguana Tequila BarBlueIguana Tequila BarRedFrog Rum BarOutdoor Seaside TheaterOutdoor Seaside TheaterCarnival Liberty - Outdoor Pool Deck and Water SlideOutdoor Pool Deck and Water Slide
Carnival Liberty - RedFrog Rum Bar and Swimming PoolRedFrog Rum Bar and Swimming PoolSerenity Hot TubPadded Deck Chairs at SerenityClamshell Chair at Serenity
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