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Carnival Fantasy - Cruise Ship Profile of Carnival Cruises' Carnival Fantasy


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Carnival Fantasy - Cabins
Carnival Fantasy - Ocean View Cabin

Carnival Fantasy - Ocean View Cabin

Carnival Fantasy (c) Linda Garrison
The Carnival Fantasy has 1,028 cabins, with 408 interior cabins and 566 oceanview. However, the ship has only 54 cabins with balconies, and these are either the suites on verandah deck 11 or the grand suites on upper deck 6. Twenty-two of the interior and oceanview cabins are wheelchair accessible.

All cabins have a flat screen satellite television, WiFi access, and a basket of sample toiletries, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, and disposable razor. The 1,028 cabins also have Carnival's "sleep system" with plush mattresses, duvet, fluffy pillows, and high quality linens. Bathrobes are provided for use while on the cruise, and are already in the cabins. Although the cabins were significantly renovated during the 2008 makeover, those who have experienced the numerous cabin categories on newer Carnival ships (like the Carnival Dream or Carnival Liberty) might find the limited selection on the Carnival Fantasy disappointing. On the other hand, if you only use the cabins for sleeping, showering, and dressing, they are quite adequate.

The oceanivew and interior cabins, which are the same size, are clean and simple in design, and have plenty of space for two people. Some oceanview cabins have a large window and others have two portholes. My only problem with the cabins was the dark bathroom. The bath has a toilet, sink, and shower, but only minimal lighting. My friend and I both used the mirror at the cabin desk for make-up application rather than the bathroom mirror, and shaving your legs in the shower was mostly a tactile exercise. The cabins do not have individual air conditioning thermostats, but the air flow can be adjusted by turning a knob next to the vent on the ceiling. I was a little worried when I found we could not adjust the temperature, but our cabin temperature was plenty cool enough, despite the warm weather outside.

The Carnival Fantasy suites are larger and have whirlpool baths and a shower. The suites have a small sofa and/or sitting area and a balcony. Some of the suites on deck 11 have obstructed views.

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