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Dominica - Getting Ready for Tubing Ride on the Layou River


Riding a floatable tube on a picturesque Caribbean river is a memorable shore excursion for those visiting Dominica.
Dominica - Getting Ready for Tubing Ride on the Layou River

Dominica - Getting Ready for Tubing Ride on the Layou River

Dominica Picture (c) Linda Garrison
Dominica is one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. It is lush, green, and covered with mountains that are criss-crossed with 365 rivers. Most cruise ship shore excursions revolve around outdoor activities on Dominica. One of the best is tubing on the Layou River, the largest river in Dominica. We rode a small bus from the Seven Seas Mariner cruise ship for about 40 minutes, following the Layou River valley to the embarkation point.

Each participant had their own tube with a board in the bottom to protect our bottoms from scraping the rocks. We also wore life jackets, so this excursion is okay for those who are not strong swimmers. The guides asked that we leave everything on the bus that we were not afraid of losing in the rapids. This turned out to be a great idea since I was soaking wet from the splashing river rapids within about a minute of starting the float trip!

Soon we were off, bobbing down the river. I felt much like a pinball, bouncing off rocks and spinning around and around. Guides accompanied us down the river and helped us when we got stuck on a rock. It was great fun, and we all laughed and giggled as we floated down the spectacular river. The Layou River is surrounded on both sides by towering cliffs and rain forests. Our group stopped along the way and enjoyed some fresh fruit, juice, and coconuts. Dominica gets a lot of rain, and we didn't even care when the showers started, since we were wet from the river rapids. The tube ride lasted about 1.5 hours, after which we reboarded our bus and returned to the Seven Seas Mariner. This "Tubing on the Layou River" shore excursion, along with "Champagne Snorkeling at Sofriere" are the two best "soft adventure" shore excursions we have taken on Dominica.

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