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Caribbean Islands and Caribbean Countries of Central and South America


A Caribbean cruise map can be useful in planning your cruise or finding the ports and distances to interesting sites nearby. The sunny Caribbean, filled with marvelous beaches and crystal blue waters, is the most popular destination for cruise ships, with ships traveling to the eastern, western, and southern Caribbean. Many of the Caribbean itinerary ports are islands, but countries in North America, South America, and Central America all include Caribbean cruise ports of call.

This gallery of maps includes many of these Caribbean islands and countries of the Americas with Caribbean ports visited by cruise ships, along with the Bahamas, which are in the Atlantic Ocean but often included on Caribbean cruises.

A map of Bermuda, which is far from the Caribbean, but located about 600 miles off the mid-Atlantic coast of North Carolina in the USA, is also included since cruise lovers visit Bermuda for its beautiful beaches and sparkling waters, just like they do the Caribbean.

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