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Dominica - Champagne Snorkeling Shore Excursion in the Caribbean

Things to Do with a Day on Dominica


Champagne snorkeling on Dominica

Champagne snorkeling on Dominica

Dominica Photo (c) Linda Garrison Dominica


Dominica (c) Linda Garrison Snorkeling in geothermal bubbles off Dominica

Snorkeling in geothermal bubbles off Dominica

Dominica (c) Linda Garrison

Dominica is a beautiful volcanic island in the eastern Caribbean. Cruise ships often dock in Dominica's capital of Rouseau, and most shore excursions center on outdoor activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, or rafting. One very interesting snorkeling option is to visit the Soufriere area of Dominica south of Rouseau.

Dominica has many pristine coral reefs with diverse marine life, perfect for diving or snorkeling. One snorkeling place that is very unusual is nicknamed "Champagne" because of the tiny crystal bubbles that continuously rise from small volcanic geothermal fissures in the sea floor. Swimming in these bubbles is like swimming in a glass of champagne!

The snorkeling boat picks up guests within walking distance of the cruise ship pier in Rouseau for the 3-hour shore excursion. We had an enjoyable ride of about 45 minutes along the southwest coast of Dominica, providing a great view of Roseau and several small villages along the coastline. The snorkeling boat anchored in the Champagne area of the Soufriere/Scottshead Marine Reserve. We snorkeled for about an hour, and the bubbles made us all giddy! (I guess it was the champagne.) The boat then returned to Roseau after an exhilarating snorkeling experience!

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