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Avalon Tranquility - European River Cruises


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Overview of Avalon Waterways and Avalon Tranquility
Avalon Tranquility in Bernkastel, Germany

Avalon Tranquility in Bernkastel, Germany

Avalon Tranquility (c) Linda Garrison
The Avalon Tranquility is a European river vessel sailing the Moselle, Rhine, Danube, and Main Rivers for Avalon Waterways. This profile and description of the vessel was compiled from a "Central European Experience" cruise tour with Avalon Waterways that included two nights in a Paris hotel; a ride on the high-speed TGV train from Paris to Metz; a seven-night Moselle, Rhine, and Main River cruise on the Avalon Tranquility; and two nights in a Prague hotel. This was a marvelous way to see parts of central Europe, and the cruise tour was well-organized, fun, and educational.

Avalon Waterways
Avalon Waterways is one of the Globus family of travel and tour companies. Since the parent company has been in business for 80 years, it is not surprising that our Avalon cruise tour went so smoothly. Avalon Waterways has ten river ships in Europe, all built since 2004. An eleventh ship, the Avalon Panorama, will join the fleet in May 2011. Avalon Waterways also offers river cruises in Egypt and China and small ship cruises in the Galapagos Islands.

Avalon Tranquility
Built in 2007, the ship is 443 feet long and has 81 cabins and 4 suites. The Avalon Tranquility carries 170 passengers and 43 crew members. Like most river vessels, the height of the Avalon Tranquility is dictated by the low bridges she must pass under, and the length and width is restricted by the size of the numerous locks and canals of the European river and canal systems.

The vessel is divided into two parts: the front section houses the passenger areas, and the aft section includes the navigational bridge and engine. This shape allows a spacious layout with both the lounge and the dining room forward. These two areas have wrap-around panoramic windows, perfect for viewing the passing river scenery.

Let's take a more detailed tour of the cabins, dining room, lounges, and activities on the Avalon Tranquility.

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Avalon Tranquility European River Ship - Profile and Tour

Avalon Tranquility Central European Cruise Tour Travel Log - 15 pages describing a cruise tour from Paris to Prague on the Avalon Tranquility

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