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Egypt Map

Egypt Covers Parts of Two Continents -- Africa and Asia


Most of Egypt is located in Africa, but the Sinai Peninsula is in Asia. The Suez Canal separates the two continents.
Map of Egypt

Egypt Map

Map Source: CIA Factbook
For a country mostly covered with desert, Egypt has many cruise options. Cruise ships sailing the southern or eastern Mediterranean usually port at either Alexandria or Port Said. Cruisers can travel to Cairo to see the Pyramids and Sphinx on full-day shore excursions.

Cruises to the Red Sea usually stopover at Sharm el-Sheikh (spelled Sharm ash Shaykh on this map) for excursions into the desert, St. Catherine's Monastery, or for diving into the brilliant, clear Red Sea. Red Sea cruises also might stop at either Al Grahdaqah or Safaga (spelled Bur Safajah on this map) to enable passengers to go into Luxor on either a full day or overnight excursion.

A description of Egyptian cruises would not be complete without a reference to Nile River cruises, which usually travel between Luxor and the high dam at Aswan. Over 300 river ships sail the Nile, so there are plenty of options for Nile River cruises.

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