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Antarctica Cruise Logbook - Hanseatic Cruise from Ushuaia to Antarctic Peninsula


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Antarctica Cruise Overview
Gentoo penguins on Antarctica

A pair of Gentoo penguins and their chick at Paradise Bay in Antarctica.

Photo (c) 2005 Linda Garrison
For anyone who loves nature and exotic locations, a cruise to Antarctica is a dream vacation. Cruising for eleven days on a small luxury expedition ship like the Hanseatic is even better--a perfect blend of excellent service, cuisine, and accommodations along with exciting excursions and amazing wildlife. The next nine pages are a daily logbook of some of the activities we had during the four days we spent in Antarctica. For more information on the Hanseatic, see the Hanseatic cruise ship profile. Let's take a look at our cruise to the continent of Antarctica.

Our cruise tour began in Buenos Aires, where we had an overnight at the Four Seasons Hotel. What a great start to our cruise vacation! Our wake-up call was very early (about 3 am), and the Hanseatic passengers took a charter plane for the three-hour flight to Ushuaia, Argentina, the "end of the world". Before boarding the Hanseatic, we toured Ushuaia, rode the End of the World Train, and visited Tierra del Fuego National Park. We sailed in the early evening for the Falkland Islands, and spent two days there before heading south to Antarctica. Our first stop in Antarctica was Elephant Island.

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