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Safari Quest - Sea of Cortez Cruise Off Baja Mexico


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La Paz, Mexico
La Paz, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

La Paz, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

La Paz Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Since we had never been to Baja Mexico, Ronnie and I went to La Paz three days before our Sea of Cortez cruise on the Safari Quest. The city is geared towards tourism and has a marvelous boardwalk stretching for miles along the harbor. La Paz has many nice restaurants, and dining outside is always a treat for us. We stayed at the Hotel Los Arcos right on the water and went fishing for two days before our cruise. The March weather could not have been better--warm, dry, and not too windy. The amazing desert and marine life we saw from our fishing boats was an exciting preview of the days ahead.

We took a taxi to the meeting point for our Safari Quest cruise--La Fiesta Inn, which is about five miles from downtown. The luggage was transferred to the ship while we gathered in an outdoor restaurant with our 14 fellow cruisers for a get-acquainted drink and snacks. Kevin Martin, our expedition leader, explained that they would design the cruise to do whatever we wished. They adjust the schedule as necessary to maximize wildlife viewing and our interests, with the goal to be in Loreto the next Sunday as planned.

Our group of new friends boarded a bus for the transfer to the Safari Quest, which was docked in downtown La Paz. My first impression of the ship was how lovely it was. Our luggage was already in the cabin, and we quickly toured the ship before settling down on the deck for a drink with some of our new "family" for the next week.

The Safari Quest left La Paz in the early evening, and we enjoyed the first of many good meals. Kevin briefed us on the next day's events, which will include our first snorkeling expedition.

Photo Gallery of La Paz, Mexico Harbor Area

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