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Safari Quest - Sea of Cortez Cruise Off Baja Mexico


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Safari Quest and Killer Whale in the Sea of Cortez

Safari Quest and Killer Whale in the Sea of Cortez

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Martin/American Safari Cruises
The 22-passenger Safari Quest of Un-Cruise Adventures is a small yacht sailing to interesting, off-the-beaten-path destinations. The captain and expedition leader often change the itinerary in order to take advantage of wildlife viewing opportunities or passenger interests.

On the Sea of Cortez itinerary we sailed, passengers can enjoy a wide range of activities that include hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, water skiing, fishing, and trail riding. The Safari Quest has a small skiff that is perfect for taking passengers ashore or on exciting excursions.

The Safari Quest has many similarities with other cruise ships. The food is excellent, the cabins are comfortable (although small), and the shower is terrific. Like most small ships, the per diem price is higher than a large ship, but the cruise fare includes all drinks and excursions. The atmosphere on the Safari Quest is relaxed and fun. All meals are casual, and passengers can help themselves in the bar at any hour if staff are not nearby.

One of the biggest differences between the Safari Quest and larger ships is the personal service provided by the crew and the wonderful homey atmosphere onboard. For those who expect big ship amenities, the onboard entertainment is limited to watching one of the hundreds of DVD movies in your cabin. However, most passengers on a small yacht like the Safari Quest are not looking for karaoke or show tunes in the evening. I never heard anyone complain about the lack of entertainment or organized onboard activities.

This article focuses on life onboard the Safari Quest and the things we saw and did on the the Sea of Cortez itinerary.

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