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American Eagle Cruise Review - Page 2

Cruising the New England Islands on the Small Ship American Eagle

By Jerry Bloom

After cruising the New England Islands, the American Eagle headed for the mainland to visit the fishing port of New Bedford, Massachusetts: touristy Newport, Rhode Island; and Victorian New Bedford, Connecticut. In New Bedford, some of the passengers opted for a bus tour to Mystic Seaport before meeting the ship back in its homeport of Haddam, Connecticut. Disembarkation was on Saturday after breakfast. We drove our car to the dock and the deckhands put our baggage in the trunk - no hassles, no customs, no airport to deal with.


Some of the highlights we enjoyed about the week's cruise:

  • Visiting the ports in New England that the mega-ships never enter.
  • Ethnic lunch in a Portuguese Restaurant in New Bedford.
  • Fresh Maine Lobsters served onboard for during dinner in New Bedford.
  • Visiting with a local artist in Martha's Vineyard.
  • Touring Block Island and its working lighthouse that was moved back from the eroding cliff it was originally built on.
  • A delicious crab roll sandwich in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • Casual atmosphere with friendly fellow passengers.
  • Freshly baked cookies in the morning.
  • Evening complementary cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres.


Some of the low-lights about the week's cruise:

  • American Eagle rolls severely in swells. If you're prone to mal-de-mer make sure you take your wristbands, Dramamine, or a patch if you cruise to the New England Islands. Motion sickness isn't a problem if you cruise on calmer waters. The American Eagleoffers weekly cruises on the Hudson River from Haddam, Connecticut; the Chesapeake Bay from Baltimore, Maryland; and on the Inland Waterway south to winter in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Food preparation was uneven. The chefs had a heavy hand with the salt shaker.

For more information, cruise schedules, etc. visit the American Cruise Lines website at http://www.americancruiselines.com/, contact your local travel adviser, or call direct at 800-814-6880.

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