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Tulip Time Cruise of the Netherlands and Belgium on the AMAWaterways Amalegro


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Willemstad in the Netherlands
Willemstad in the Netherlands

Willemstad in the Netherlands

Willemstad (c) Linda Garrison
After the busy cities in Belgium, the tranquil village of Willemstad in the Netherlands was a nice respite. This fortified little town is completely surrounded by its old city wall, which is in the shape of a 7-pointed star. Willemstad is green, picturesque, and so tiny you can walk around the whole town in less than an hour.

The large city wall has canals on both sides, and the town has one main street, a tower, the oldest Protestant (Dutch Reform) church in the Netherlands, and a windmill. The Amalegro arrived in Willemstad in the early morning, and the sleepy little village seemed barely awake as we started our tour. We walked with the guide for about 45 minutes and then had a short organ concert in the octagonal church. The church is not the original building, but a church has been on the site for over 400 years. After the tour and concert, Mom and I walked back to the ship along the top of the city walls, which of course reminded us of walking atop the city walls of Dubrovnik, but not nearly as large).

Visiting small towns like Willemstad always remind me of how good a cruise tour can be. If we were touring independently, I'm not sure we would have ever driven out of the way to see Willemstad, yet it was a favorite village to us all. The area around Willemstad would be a perfect place for bike riders and hikers to spend the day.

After walking around Willemstad for a couple of hours, we were all ready for a hearty Dutch lunch. The Amalegro sailed for Kinderdijk while we enjoyed our lunch.

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