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AMAWaterways Amalegro - European River Ship Tour


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Amalegro River Ship in Amsterdam

AMAWaterways Amalegro River Ship in Amsterdam

AMAWaterways Amalegro (c) Linda Garrison
AMAWaterways sails the great rivers of Europe, the Volga River and other waterways of Russia, the Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam, and the Chobe River of Africa.

I sailed on the AMAWaterways Amalegro on a colorful 9-day April Tulip Time cruise in the Netherlands and Belgium and loved the ship, the itinerary, and the onboard and ashore activities. My favorite part of the ship was the 3-jet shower, which was the best I've seen on any cruise ship of any size!

Background of AMAWaterways
AMAWaterways was founded in 2002 as Amadeus Waterways by three people with extensive expertise in the travel business: river cruise industry pioneer Rudi Schreiner, cruise industry executive Kristin Karst, and former owner of Brendan Worldwide Vacations Jimmy Murphy. The company's ships primarily sail the great rivers of Europe--the Danube, Rhine, Mosel, Douro, Saone, Rhone, and Volga.

AMAWaterways also features a Mekong River cruise tour in Vietnam and Cambodia. This fascinating itinerary travels by bus and river boat between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with stopovers at such "bucket list" locales as Halong Bay and Angkor Wat.

AMAWaterways also offers combination river cruise and safari land tours in Africa that include a cruise on the Chobe River.

AMAWaterways Amalegro

This article provides a tour and information of the Amalegro. These accompanying photo galleries also show off the cabins and both the indoor and outdoor common areas of the Amalegro. The ship is lovely and comfortable, perfect for river cruising.

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