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Juneau - Things to Do and See on Southeast Alaska Cruise of the Inside Passage


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Zipline Course at Eaglecrest ski area near Juneau

The Zipline course operated by Alaska Zipline Adventures at the Eaglecrest ski area is great fun for ages 9 and older.

Juneau (c) Linda Garrison
Following our hike on the Rainforest Trail led by the guide/driver from Juneau Jeep Adventures, she dropped us at the Eaglecrest ski area for the last part of our tour--ziplining with Alaska Zipline Adventures.

I've been ziplining in Mexico and in Antigua, but was very excited about zipping over the rainforest canopy of Alaska. My friend Julie had never been ziplining, but was enthusiastic about trying it. We had a short briefing and donned our rainsuits. Although it wasn't raining, they would protect our clothing from the tree sap. Next, we boarded a van for the ride up the hill to the starting point of the ziplines.

The instructors helped us rig the gear, and we walked up a flight of stairs to the first zip line. We noticed that a short zip line near the gear station was labeled the "Bunny Hill", incorporating the ski term for a beginner's slope into the adventure. Since they hadn't suggested that anyone in our group might want to try this easy zip, I asked who it was used for. The guides said that some newbies who were uncertain about zipping liked to use that line first since once you start the course, you have to complete it. Guess they could tell that we were all nervous, but not petrified about beginning the experience!

The Alaska Zipline Adventures course at Eaglecrest was exciting, and I loved the themed platforms, which served to both educate and entertain us while we were waiting our turn. Julie was very nervous before her first zip, but loved the experience and was sad when we completed the zipping and crossed the swinging bridge that led back to the ski lodge. The course had five ziplines, with the longest one being about 750 feet long.

This ziplining course was operated a little differently than those I had been on before. One of the two group leaders used a brake to stop us instead of our having to wear a glove and use our hand to slow down. This made ziplining much easier since I didn't have to concentrate on stopping. It also made doing tricks (like zipping upside down or flipping over) easier for those who were more athletic. (not me)

After completing the ziplining, one of the zip line leaders dropped us back at the cruise ship dock in downtown Juneau. This was a fun experience, and an excellent way to see more of the Juneau area since the course is on Douglas Island at the ski area.


Juneau, Alaska - Things to See and Do


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