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Juneau - Things to Do and See on Southeast Alaska Cruise of the Inside Passage


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Overview of Juneau
Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is Alaska's State Capital and third largest city. The town of about 30,000 has a wide variety of activities that are bound to delight cruise ship visitors of all ages.

Juneau (c) Linda Garrison
Juneau is one of the most scenic state capitals in the USA, and cruise ships sailing Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage almost always include Juneau as a port of call. The city is surrounded by rainforests, mountains, intercoastal waterways, and glaciers, contributing to the many terrific activities for visitors who are either in Juneau for the day or who are extending their Alaska cruise vacation. Juneau is the only state capital that is inaccessible from a car--you have to arrive via cruise ship, air, or ferry.

Juneau only has a population of about 31 thousand residents, but is Alaska's third most populated city (after Anchorage and Fairbanks). Juneau is also the largest state capital, covering 3,255 square miles. Everything in Alaska is big! Finally, it's the only state capital which borders a foreign country. Because of its size and importance as the state capital, Juneau has good shopping and excellent bars and restaurants.

Although many of Juneau's visitors arrive and stay on cruise ships, the city has several very good hotels. I've been to Juneau four times and spent the night in two of Juneau's largest hotels, the Goldbelt Hotel and the Westmark Baranof Hotel. Both were excellent traditional hotels with all the expected amenities. I also stayed two nights at the small boutique hotel the Silverbow Inn, which is much like a bed and breakfast since it includes an outstanding breakfast at the adjoining Silverbow Bakery & Cafe. I loved the ambiance of this old historic building built in 1914--it had antiques in the lobby, but all the amenities found at a traditional hotel in the rooms. The Silverbow Inn staff were very accommodating and helpful and the large table in the lobby was conducive to interacting with our fellow guests or enjoying the coffee and snacks always available.

If you are on a cruise ship, you probably will only have a day in Juneau, so you will have to decide which of the many activities to pursue. Those who are staying longer will have the opportunity to experience more of the many diverse things to do and see in the city. The next 11 pages provide more details of some of the most popular Juneau adventures.


Juneau, Alaska - Things to See and Do


In addition to the items listed above and detailed on the following pages, Juneau also offers whale watching, wildlife viewing adventures, salmon bakes, fresh and saltwater fishing, biking, museums, glacier trekking, and all even sorts of winter recreation.

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