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Alaska Cruise - Small Ship Alaska Inside Passage Cruise Log


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Ketchikan Alaska - Alaska's Southernmost Town - Alaska Inside Passage Cruise
Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska

Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan Photo (c) Linda Garrison
The last morning we were up early on the Cruise West Spirit of Yorktown as she docked in Ketchikan. The ship docked next to the Holland America Oosterdam, which towered over the Spirit of Yorktown. Our checked luggage was sent ahead to the airport, and the crew stood outside on the dock to bid us farewell as we boarded buses for the short ride to the Westmark Hotel, which sits high on a hill overlooking Ketchikan. The view was great from the hotel, and it has a funicular lift to carry guests down to (and up from) Creek Street. Our flight was not leaving until the late afternoon, so we left our hand luggage at the hotel in the Cruise West hospitality room and had most of the day to explore this popular port of call.

Ketchikan is the southernmost town in southeast Alaska, and like Juneau and Skagway, is filled with large cruise ships on most summer days. We did a walking tour of the town, wandering through some of the numerous shops in the harbor area and on Creek Street. We found a good place for a light lunch, and watched the salmon swim upstream in Ketchikan Creek. Since Ketchikan is one of the rainiest cities in Alaska, we felt lucky to have a sunny day for traveling. One interesting tidbit about the Ketchikan Airport is that you have to take a ferry across the channel to the airport, which is on an island.

As we flew away from Alaska, we remembered all the good times on our small ship, and how we felt like we had seen and experienced much more of the "real" Alaska of our dreams.

Author's Note: Although Cruise West is no longer operating, other small ships that cruise Alaska's Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska offer similar itineraries and cruise experiences.


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