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New York Hotel in Ketchikan, Alaska


New York Hotel suite

New York Hotel suite has fully equipped kitchen, two flat screen televisions, two bedrooms, a living room, dining area, and separate den.

New York Hotel (c) Linda Garrison
Exterior of New York Hotel

The old metal building housing the New York Hotel suites is not much to look at on the outside, but the interiors are spacious, the amenities modern, and the rooms are clean.

New York Hotel (c) Linda Garrison
View of Thomas Basin harbor in Ketchikan from window of New York Hotel suite

View of Thomas Basin harbor in Ketchikan from window of New York Hotel suite

Ketchikan (c) Linda Garrison

Overview of the New York Hotel in Ketchikan:

The New York Hotel is located just off Ketchikan's famous Creek Street. The small inn built in 1925 has been lovingly restored, and the rooms feature interesting antiques but still have all the necessary modern amenities (e.g. WiFi, cable TV).

Its central location and outstanding service makes it a perfect choice for a pre- or post-cruise stay. The hotel owners also have renovated an old building across the street on the Thomas Basin wharf. This building was reportedly a bordello at one time, but today features spacious apartment-style suite accommodations and great views of the harbor and Ketchikan.

Accommodations at the New York Hotel in Ketchikan:

The original 1925 version of the New York Hotel had 18 rooms and 1 bathroom. The tub in the bath had a sign that read, "Baths on Saturdays Only". Thankfully, today's New York Hotel has all the modern amenities, including queen beds, flat screen television with cable, WiFi, coffee maker in room, microwave, refrigerator, and alarm clock. And yes, each room has its own bath. Our suite had a huge shower in a separate room from the sink and toilet area, along with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The exterior of the main part of the hotel on Stedman Street is the typical wooden style of the 1920's, with all the rooms on the second floor. The spacious suites are located in a building on the wharf across the street.

More on the New York Hotel in Ketchikan:

How did the New York Hotel get its name? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who stay in this charming Ketchikan inn. The answer is easy. The name comes from the New York Cafe, which was built around 1900 by a Japanese family who immigrated to the USA through Ellis Island in New York City. When they moved to Alaska, they named their restaurant in honor of their first stop in the USA. Later, when they built the hotel in 1925 and relocated the restaurant next door, the new hotel naturally assumed the name of the adjoining restaurant.

In addition to the nicely furnished rooms, the hotel has two additional strong points. The first plus is the cafe next door. The Ketchikan Coffee Co. at the New York Cafe serves delicious breakfasts and specialty coffees and teas. Sandwiches, soups, and other casual food tops the menu for lunch. The cafe also has computers for its patrons to access the Internet, and serves wine and beer.

The friendly, efficient staff really make this hotel a special place to stay. Jose and Jessica were extremely accommodating and helpful, arranging for transfers from the airport and for moving our luggage to the Cape Fox Lodge so we could rendezvous with our cruise group. They also had suggestions (and menus) from many of the restaurants in Ketchikan, as well as information on things to do and see. Reviews on other sites have praised their attitude and capabilities, and these kudos are well-deserved.

The loft suites across the street from the hotel are in an old corrugated metal building on the Thomas Basin harbor wharf. The outside is very industrial-looking (or should I say authentic "wharf-like", but the inside is very nice. I loved learning that the building was once a bordello. (Seems like many buildings from the early 20th century were Ketchikan bordellos!) Sure made a good story to tell the friends and family back home--I stayed in a bordello and wasn't even working!

The loft suites are upstairs, with a laundry below. Next door is the Potlatch Bar, a very popular local watering hole. Some nights the bar features live music, and the sounds wander up to the hotel lofts above. This entertainment can either be fun or annoying, depending on your musical tastes. My friend and I sat in the relative quiet of the living room of our suite, sipping wine and enjoying the music. But, I can see where some visitors might not appreciate the free entertainment.

Overall, I loved everything about the New York Hotel--the accommodations, the cafe, and the historic ambiance. Those looking for a quaint inn with a great history and fantastic staff will love it too.

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Address and Contact:
207 Stedman Street
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: (907) 225-0246
Toll Free: (866) 225-0246
Fax: (907) 225-1803
Web Site: http://www.thenewyorkhotel.com/index.html


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