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Aegean Odyssey Tour - Voyages to Antiquity Small Cruise Ship


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Overview of Aegean Odyssey Cruise Ship and Voyages to Antiquity Cruise Line
M/V Aegean Odyssey of Voyages to Antiquity

M/V Aegean Odyssey of Voyages to Antiquity

M/V Aegean Odyssey Photo Courtesy of Voyages to Antiquity
Do you love small ship cruising and educational trips to Europe? If so, you might enjoy the Aegean Odyssey, a 378-passenger ship owned by Voyages to Antiquity. This cruise line only has the one ship, and it specializes in cruises with an emphasis on archaeology, history, and culture. It's an excellent destination-oriented cruise ship with an almost all-inclusive fare.

Sailing primarily in the coastal waters of the eastern and central Mediterranean, the Aegean Odyssey offers cruise tours of 12 to 17 days, many of which have pre- or post-cruise hotel stays included. In addition, shore excursions are included in the fare, as are soft drinks, wine, or beer with dinner, and tips for the staff. The small ship also overnights in many ports, allowing more time for exploring or dining ashore. Solo travelers will like the Aegean Odyssey since the cruise line waives the single supplement for some cruises.

I sailed the cruise-only portion of an Aegean Odyssey "Isles of Greece" itinerary, which sailed between Athens and Istanbul, stopping over at some popular ports such as Mykonos, Nafplio, and Kusadasi, and some off-the-beaten-path ports like Samos, Rethymno, Delos, and Canakkale. It was a busy cruise, with morning and afternoon tours included most days. In the evenings, we had informational lectures and light musical entertainment.

Who will enjoy and appreciate a cruise on the Aegean Odyssey? The informality, onboard activities, and attentive staff reminded me somewhat of a river cruise experience, so anyone who likes river cruises will probably enjoy the ship. The Aegean Odyssey is well-suited for those who crave lifelong learning and don't expect a casino or production shows for evening entertainment. The ship is not a good choice for those in wheelchairs or who have walking difficulties, since many of the tour operators do not have wheelchair-accessible buses, and the tours are often over uneven surfaces and require lots of walking. However, most of the guests are retirees or seniors traveling with their adult children, so the tours aren't super-strenuous and the walking pace is slow. Since the focus is on educational touring ashore and the onboard activities are limited, young children will not enjoy the Aegean Odyssey experience as much as they would a larger ship with youth programs. We had several young adults on our cruise, and they all seemed to be having a terrific time. They participated in the tours, and appreciated the opportunity to spend time in the bars and clubs ashore on the several evenings where we either sailed late or overnighted.

Now that I've provided an overview of the Aegean Odyssey of Voyages to Antiquity, let's take a tour of the ship.

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