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Viking Prestige


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Viking River Cruises' European River Ship Tour Overview
Viking Prestige on the Main-Danube Canal near Kelheim, Germany

Viking Prestige on the Main Danube Canal near Kelheim, Germany

Viking Prestige (c) Linda Garrison
The Viking Prestige is a European river ship launched by Viking River Cruises in July 2011. The vessel carries 188 guests and 45 crew members. Like most European river cruise ships, the Viking Prestige is 443 feet long and just wide enough to pass through the narrow 106-mile-long Main-Danube Canal linking Kelheim near Regensburg on the Danube River with Bamberg on the Main River in the west. The ship has a contemporary Scandinavian decor, with light woods, simple lines, and good functionality.

I sailed on an 8-day "Romantic Danube" itinerary from Budapest to Nuremberg on the Viking Prestige. As with other river cruises, guided shore excursions are included in the fare, as is the use of the quiet audio machines, which greatly facilitate hearing the guides.

The Viking Prestige has three decks and a sun deck atop the ship. The first deck has cabins; the second deck has cabins, the main restaurant, and the galley; and deck 3 has cabins, suites, the Observation Lounge, the Aquavit Lounge, and the Library. The vessel does not have an elevator, so it is not accessible to those in wheel chairs or who cannot climb the 14 steps separating the decks.

The Viking Prestige sails the Danube River on 8-day cruises and the Danube, Main-Danube Canal, Main, and Rhine Rivers between Budapest and Amsterdam on 15-day cruises. The ship features free wireless Internet, ecologically-friendly hybrid engines (which are very quiet), and free wine at dinner. Starting in 2012, Viking will include free house wine, beer, and soft drinks at both lunch and dinner. Complimentary bottles of water are supplied in the cabins each day, and you may bring local wine aboard and enjoy it with your meals without paying a corkage fee. The Viking Prestige does not have any onboard fitness equipment or bicycles.

Let's take a tour of the Viking Prestige.

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