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Variety Voyager - French and Italian Rivieras Cruise Travel Log


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It's Easy and Cheap to Get to Eze from Monte Carlo
Village of Eze, France

The mountain village of Eze is filled with wonderful doors, alleys, and views of the Mediterranean.

Eze (c) Linda Garrison
Rather than take a tender back to the Variety Voyager after our walking tour of old Monaco and lunch ashore, we walked up the hill leading into the city of Monte Carlo (you can walk across the whole principality of Monaco in an hour). By then, it was getting very hot and there was no shade on the walk. We reached the nice park where the famous Monte Carlo Casino was, but it didn't open until 2 pm (it was about 1:50). Rather than wait, we walked across the park and found the bus stop for the #100 bus to Nice that rides along the coast. This bus is a great deal since it takes you to all the towns along the coast for only 1 euro and runs about every 15 minutes. I hadn't been to Eze in over 12 years, and Maggie had never been, so we hopped on a bus that was pulling up just as we arrived. What luck! The ride was very scenic and we got off at the beach stop for Eze to change buses in order to ride up the mountain. Unfortunately, this bus *83 (we had to cross the street to catch it) only runs about once an hour, and we had to wait a while to catch it. Should have checked the bus schedule before leaving Monte Carlo!

The bus finally came, but by then so many people were waiting than Maggie and I (and a bunch of others) had to stand up for the 20 minute ride up the mountain. Guess no one thought we were old enough to give up a seat. Would have been fine except for the very winding road. We laughed so hard, I know all the French people onboard were rolling their eyes about the crazy Americans! Since we only had an overhead bar to hang onto, I felt like I was swinging on the monkey bars as we swayed back and forth up the mountain.

The bus #83 was a non-stop to Eze and cost another euro. (we forgot to ask for a transfer). We arrived in Eze and walked up the hill to tour the little town. It hadn't changed much since I had visited a dozen years before. The small medieval village was as quaint and charming as ever. At about 4:20, we were ready to return to Monaco, and remembered that there was a non-stop to Monaco (bus #112) that left at 4:40. So we high-tailed it down the hill and only had to wait about 5 minutes for the bus. It took a more direct route back (the middle Corniche rather than the lower one), and we were back in Monte Carlo at the Casino in about 20 minutes. Maggie went inside and walked around while I waited outside with the bags rather than check them. We tried to go into the Hotel de Paris across the street (after taking a good look at the Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Porsches, etc. parked out front), but they wouldn't let us in. For some reason, the bellman recognized that we weren't guests.

The Variety Voyager was not pulling into the dock until 7 pm. We found a seaside bar with happy hour prices (wine only 3 euros per glass) and had some drinks and snacks while waiting for the ship. We were back onboard before 7:30, took quick showers, and ate the casual buffet dinner. Good lamb chops and swordfish. While at dinner, we all said good-bye, amazed that the week on this lovely little cruise ship was over. The next morning we would sail back to Nice for debarkation very early, not leaving Monte Carlo until about 6:30 am, giving the partiers (and gamblers) onboard a chance to stay very late in Monte Carlo.

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