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Riviera of Oceania Cruises - Dining and Cuisine


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Lamb dish at Red Ginger on the Oceania Riviera cruise ship

Red Ginger, the Asian restaurant on the Riviera, is one of the best restaurants afloat. This lamb dish was delicious.

Riviera (c) Linda Garrison
The Riviera is Oceania Cruise Line's newest ship. Carrying 1,250 passengers, the mid-sized ship has several delectable dining options, all of which will delight the cruising public. And, all but two (La Reserve and Privee) are available at no extra cost to the Riviera guests. The ship has a nice selection of wines available for purchase, but none are included with the basic cruise fare.

The diversity of the restaurants is impressive, as is the quality and originality of the dishes. Many travelers love to cruise because they love to eat, and I doubt if anyone will be disappointed with the dining options on the Riviera.

Although the cruise ship has many delightful dining venues, guests can also sample the cuisine and specialty drinks in venues like Barrista's coffee bar and the gala afternoon tea in the Horizon Lounge. And, those who take one of the cooking classes in the Bon Appetit Culinary Center get to taste their own creations!

The next nine pages provide details about each of the dining options on the Oceania Cruises' Riviera.

Riviera Dining Options Photo Gallery - 24 pictures of the venues and cuisine

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