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Riviera of Oceania Cruises - Cabins and Suites


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Oceania Cruises' Owner's Suite

The three Owner's Suites on the Riviera are the largest accommodations on the Oceania cruise ship. They are larger than many homes, and each features this spectacular foyer/music room, along with a huge living/dining area, bedroom, and two baths.

Riviera (c) Linda Garrison
The Riviera of Oceania Cruises is a gorgeous mid-sized ship that carries 1,250-guests to worldwide cruise destinations. The cabins on the Riviera are almost identical to those of her sister ship Marina, which was launched in 2011. The accommodations consist of 4 cabin types and 4 suite types, split into 17 categories based on location and amenities. Of course, not all cabins are as spectacular as the 2000-square-foot Owner's Suite seen in the picture above, but all of the cabins and suites have excellent cabin amenities. In addition, over 90 percent of the cabins and all of the suites have a private veranda.

The four cabin types on the Riviera are:

The four suite types on the Riviera are:

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