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Tour of the Interior Common Areas of Oceania Cruises' Newest Ship


The Riviera is a gorgeous mid-sized cruise ship, and its 1,250 guests will love the elegant furnishings and fascinating decor. The artwork is especially interesting, and the company has about $10 million worth of art displayed on the Riviera and its sister ship the Marina.

Join me on a tour of the Riviera, and then check out these other photo galleries of the ship.

More Riviera Photo Galleries

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Oceania Riviera - Atrium LobbyAtrium LobbyOceania Riviera - Hallway Outside LibraryOceania Riviera - Hallway Outside LibraryOceania Riviera - LibraryLibraryOceania Riviera - Library Room with Faux FireplaceLibrary Room with Faux Fireplace
Oceania Riviera - Computer CenterOceania Riviera - Computer CenterOceania Riviera - Baristas Coffee BarBaristas Coffee BarOceania Riviera - Baristas Coffee Bar Seating AreaBaristas Coffee Bar Seating AreaOceania Riviera - Concierge LoungeConcierge Lounge
Oceania Riviera - Concierge LoungeConcierge LoungeOceania Riviera - Casino BarCasino BarOceania Riviera - Casino BarCasino BarOceania Riviera - Grand BarGrand Bar
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