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Mist Cove - Profile of The Boat Company's Small Alaska Ship the Mist Cove


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Mist Cove Overview
Mist Cove - Small Ship Cruising in Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage

Mist Cove - Small Ship Cruising in Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage

Mist Cove in Alaska (c) Linda Garrison
The Mist Cove is an intimate eco-cruise ship owned and operated by The Boat Company, which was incorporated in Alaska in 1979 by the McIntosh Foundation as a non-profit educational organization. For nature lovers and outdoorsmen, it is a perfect way to experience Southeast Alaska. During the Alaska cruise season, the Mist Cove sails the waterways of the Tongass National Forest on 7-day cruises between Juneau and Sitka, with days spent exploring the hidden waterways, mystical rain forests, and undeveloped islands of Southeast Alaska, and nights anchored in quiet coves.

The heavy-duty aluminum, 24-passenger Mist Cove is 157 feet long and 33 feet wide, with a draft of almost 9 feet. The interior is classic, comfortable, and plush, with marvelous mahogany accents throughout. The Mist Cove looks similar to her older sister ship the M/V Liseron. However, she is slightly larger (24 versus 20 passengers) and has two cranes and five, 20-foot skiffs (rather than the one crane and four skiffs on the Liseron).

With 13 crew and 7 days dedicated to covering only 90+ miles, the ship can adjust its schedule according to the interests of the passengers. (We actually sailed about 375 miles during the week.) The first evening, passengers are given a survey to rank their preferences for the week. Choices include hiking, kayaking, fishing, exploring by boat, lectures by the onboard naturalist, relaxing on board, or sleeping the entire week with no disruptions (except for meals). We had eight active couples on our cruise, ranging in age from their mid-40's to late 60's. Based on the results of the survey, we had daytime opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Although a few passengers took a little time off here and there to stay onboard and read or rest, most of us were off the ship, maximizing our time to learn and see as much as possible about this marvelous slice of the world - Southeast Alaska.

Although the onboard naturalist volunteered to give formal presentations on a variety of topics, we were all tired in the evenings, so we just pestered him with questions during the day. Like the rest of the crew, he took it in stride, patiently helping us to understand the geology, flora, and fauna of the region. Learning while doing in real time is so much more fun!

The Boat Company shore staff do an excellent job of booking just adults on some cruises, and families on others. For example, one couple on the Mist Cove were celebrating their anniversary the next week after our cruise and had originally wanted to book for that week. However, when the Mist Cove shore staff pointed out that family groups with children were already booked to sail during their anniversary week, they chose our week instead.

Although it is difficult to imagine that some travelers might not enjoy a week on the Mist Cove, those who prefer indoor activities or love a Las Vegas-type cruise, with gambling, musical entertainment, professional shows, multiple dining venues, and a more formal experience should look elsewhere.

Let's take a tour of the Mist Cove.

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