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Mist Cove - Small Ship Alaska Cruise Travel Log


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Mist Cove Ship Overview and Embarkation in Juneau
Mist Cove of The Boat Company

Mist Cove of The Boat Company

Mist Cove in Alaska (c) Linda Garrison
The Mist Cove of The Boat Company sails 7-day Alaska cruises between Juneau and Sitka. This 24-passenger small adventure ship offers the opportunity to explore a small part of the Tongass National Forest region of Southeast Alaska.

The Captain and onboard naturalist adjust each week's schedule based on the interests of the passengers, the time of year, and the weather. Whichever quiet coves, hidden meadows, or sparkling rivers the Mist Cove Captain chooses, the passengers can enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking and just marveling at the magnificent wilderness scenery and wildlife.

Join me for a week on the Mist Cove. As noted above, the daily schedule and anchorages might change some each week, but all cruises are from Juneau to Sitka (or reverse).

Embarkation in Juneau
Our delightful Southeast Alaska wilderness cruise on the small ship the Mist Cove of The Boat Company began with a late afternoon transfer from the Juneau Airport to the Westmark Baranof Hotel in downtown Juneau. Since most flights from the lower 48 arrive in the afternoon, and sometimes weather is foggy, an overnight stay at the hotel is included in the fare. This historic hotel is located within easy walking distance of everything in downtown Juneau, including the cruise ships. Since it was raining, we enjoyed a lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant rather than venture outdoors. (Basically, I was too lazy to dig out the raingear.) The hotel staff was friendly and very helpful, and we liked having an excellent bed, free WiFi, a refrigerator, and coffee pot in the room.

The next morning, we spent a little time walking around Juneau, checking out all the ships at the dock, including ours! It seemed SO small docked next to the larger mainstream ships. At 11 am, we joined the other Mist Cove passengers in the hotel lobby to go to the ship. The crew loaded our luggage on a van, but we all chose to walk the few blocks downhill to the ship.

Boarding the Mist Cove, we had our photo taken so that the crew (and our fellow passengers) could learn our names quickly. One of the crew showed us to our cabin and gave us a short tour. Not much chance of getting lost on a 157-foot long ship! After the tour, we gathered in the salon for the safety briefing from the Captain, crew introductions, and an explanation of the week ahead. We completed passenger questionnaires to express our activity preferences for the week, which the captain and crew used to plan our cruise.

We sailed from Juneau about 12:30 pm and headed south in the Gastineau Channel for Stephans Passage and Endicott Arm. We enjoyed our first lunch onboard and were excited to find the Mist Cove food was so good -- tomato basil soup, Caesar salad, foccacia bread, and dessert bars. There went another week of not dieting! After lunch, we were outside to see the huge Sumdum Glacier basking in the sunshine. We also saw some harbor seals and eagles, but the biggest excitement was a pod of orcas (killer whales) just past Bushy Island in Endicott Arm.

The Captain anchored the Mist Cove between two waterfalls at North Dawes Inlet, Endicott Arm. We enjoyed fresh grilled salmon for dinner and retired early, looking forward to Glacier Bay the next morning.

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