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Marina Lounges - Oceania Cruises' Marina Bars and Lounges


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Marina Bars and Lounges Overview
Marina Bars and Lounges - the Horizons Lounge

Horizons is a large bar forward on deck 15 with spectacular panoramic views of the ocean. It has a large dance floor and a separate indoor smoking lounge, the only indoor smoking area on the Marina.

Marina Horizons Lounge (c) Linda Garrison
The Oceania Cruises' Marina has numerous bars and lounges. Some also serve food, like Baristas, with its specialty coffees and snacks, or La Reserve, a wine bar with tastings and food and wine pairing dinners. Others, like the Marina Lounge feature live entertainment. Finally, there are the cocktail lounges, which feature comfortable seating and interesting decor for enjoying a drink with new or old friends.

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