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Holland America Maasdam Cruise Ship - Interiors Photo Gallery

Pictures from Maasdam Transatlantic Cruise


The Maasdam cruise ship of the Holland America Line has classic, subdued interiors and many interesting pieces of artwork. I especially enjoyed the paintings of some of the many ships that have served the Holland America fleet.

The Maasdam has several bars and lounges scattered throughout the ship, and this photo gallery has pictures of most of them, along with some of the other interior common areas.

Two pictures of an oceanview cabin, #116 on Veranda Deck 9, are also included in this photo gallery.

These photos were taken on a Maasdam "Voyage of the Vikings" 18-day transatlantic cruise from Boston to Amsterdam.

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Deck 9 Oceanview CabinDeck 9 Oceanview CabinOceanview CabinOceanview CabinElevator LobbyElevator LobbyOcean BarOcean Bar
Ocean BarOcean BarMix BarMix BarMix Martini BarMix Martini BarMix Piano BarMix Piano Bar
Mix BarMix BarAtriumAtriumAtrium TotemGreen Glass Totem in the AtriumExplorers LoungeExplorers Lounge
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