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Louis Cruises - Cruise Line Profile


Louis Cristal at anchor off the island of Santorini, Greece

Louis Cristal of Louis Cruises at anchor off the island of Santorini, Greece

Louis Cristal (c) Linda Garrison


Louis Cruises has been in the cruise business since the early 1970's, operating cruises in the eastern Mediterranean to Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey. The onboard ambiance is casual, with no formal nights. Most passengers are focused on visiting these marvelous destinations on the cruise lines' 3, 4, and 7-night itineraries. Louis Cruises also partners with tour operators to offer land/sea vacations of 7 to 12 days. Announcements on the cruises are bi-lingual (English and Greek).
Louis Cristal 4-night Cruise Travel Log

Cruise Ships:

Louis Cruises currently owns seven ships and operates five: Louis Cristal (966-1278 guests), Louis Olympia (1450-1664 guests), Orient Queen (828-910 guests), Coral (756-945 guests), and Calypso (486-740 guests). The cruise line has two of its ships, Thomson Majesty and Thomson Spirit, leased to Thomson Cruises of TUI AG.

Passenger Profile:

Louis Cruises' ships cater to budget-minded travelers and families looking for a good value to great destinations in the eastern Mediterranean. Passengers are international, with most from North America and Europe. Since many of the cruises are either three or four nights, many guests drive to the embarkation ports from their homes in Greece.

Cabins and Accommodations:

These ships are older, and most cabins do not have private balconies. The cabins vary significantly amongst the ships and on each individual ship. Since the cruises are destination-focused, having a large cabin with a balcony is not as important as on ships with more time at sea.
Louis Cristal Cabins and Suites

Dining and Cuisine:

The food is of good quality and features mostly Continental cuisine, with a lot of Greek, Turkish, and eastern Mediterranean dishes. All ships have a casual buffet and a main dining room. The Louis Cristal also has a very nice alternative restaurant, Caruso, which serves Greek fusion cuisine.
Louis Cristal Dining and Cuisine

Onboard Activities and Entertainment:

Each of the ships has a show lounge with production shows from the onboard entertainment team, talent shows, comedians, and magicians. With so much emphasis on the ports of call, nightly entertainment is not as important as on larger cruise ships.

Common Areas:

All the Louis Cruises' ships have numerous lounges and a casino. All of the bars and lounges are busy in the evenings, and everyone seems to enjoy the music and dancing. However, some of the indoor common areas and pool area seem packed when everyone is on board.

Spa, Fitness, and Gym:

The spa and fitness areas on the Louis Cruises' ships are not as luxurious or spacious as those seen on newer ships. However, you will find a beauty salon and spa that offer all the usual treatments and a small fitness center on each ship.

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Louis Cruises' Home Page

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