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Le Boreal - Compagnie du Ponant Cruise Ship


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Overview of Small Cruise Ship
Le Boreal of Compagnie du Ponant

Le Boreal is a lovely, sleek cruise ship that carries a maximum of 264 passengers. The ship is owned by the Compagnie du Ponant cruise line.

Le Boreal (c) Linda Garrison
Even those who cruise frequently are often unfamiliar with Le Boreal cruise ship and its owner Compagnie du Ponant. However, many like me have admired their distinctive, stylish, small ships when they have seen them at sea or in ports around the world. I'm happy I got a chance to sail Le Boreal on a terrific itinerary from Boston to Montreal that included several small towns in Nova Scotia and Quebec that cannot accommodate large cruise ships.

Compagnie du Ponant

Le Boreal's owner, Compagnie du Ponant, currently operates four small, yacht-like ships--Le Boreal and her identical sister ships L'Austral, Le Soleal, and Le Lyrial. The company also operates a sailing vessel named  Le Ponant.

Compagnie du Ponant features bilingual French and English cruises.

Francophiles who love small ships will certainly enjoy sailing on Le Boreal, as will those who appreciate the chic decor, good service and food, and fascinating itineraries the ship has to offer.

Le Boreal Itineraries

Le Boreal sails Antarctic expedition cruises in the winter followed by cruises up the coast of South and Central America and then through the Panama Canal and across the Caribbean before heading to northern Europe for the summer. While in northern Europe, the ship visits some really "cool" places like Greenland, Iceland, and the western coast of Norway. In the fall, Le Boreal sails New England and Atlantic Canada itineraries before heading south in the late fall to South America and Antarctica. The ship has two onboard bilingual experts onboard--an expedition leader and a historian--who help the guests understand and better appreciate what they are seeing and doing each day. Le Boreal also carries several inflatable Zodiac boats that are used to provide and enhance the cruise experience in remote destinations like Greenland and Antarctica.

Le Boreal is one of the most luxurious expedition ships afloat, and her itineraries often feature fascinating ports rarely visited by other cruise ships. The residents of these ports warmly welcome the travelers, much like they would those arriving via private yacht. Although Le Boreal provides a cruise experience with a French touch, the cruise line is working to attract more North American cruisers. The ship's itineraries will especially appeal to well-traveled North Americans who want to travel to expedition-ship destinations, but appreciate a smartly styled bilingual environment and excellent amenities. With much of the emphasis on the ports and adventures, Le Boreal is also well-suited to more active, younger travelers.

Let's take a tour of Le Boreal.

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