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Le Boreal Travel Journal - Boston to Montreal 10-Day Cruise


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Day 6 - Perce, Quebec
Perce, Quebec

Perce, Quebec, its famous rock, and Le Boreal cruise ship, as seen from Bonaventure Island

Perce (c) Linda Garrison
The next morning I woke up early when I felt the ship shake a little. I got out of bed, peaked out the curtain, and there was the wonderful "pierced" rock formation (trapezoidal with a hole in it) of Perce, Quebec. (pronounced per-say) The sun was shining and we were positioning in the harbor to drop the anchor. It was another gorgeous fall day in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Perce is a small village at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. Although once a fishing community, the town is now primarily a tourist center because of its marvelous Perce Rock and nearby Bonaventure Island, where up to 250,000 gannets (birds) live.

My tour wasn't until after lunch, so I had a nice breakfast and was able to relax and enjoy Le Boreal. I wish the bacon could have been crisper (more well done) at breakfast, but I loved the way they cooked scrambled eggs to order. (I think they must have used butter.) Lunch was a delicious seafood buffet in both restaurants. Live cold water Canadian (Maine) lobsters were used for the buffet table decor. Just a tease for dinner!

Having toured all day the previous day, I didn't take the morning tour, but the English-speaking group all seemed to have really enjoyed it. The tour was a tour of the Perce sights, mostly focusing on the era of the 1930's. The tour went to the top of the mountain (Cote Surprise) that overlooks the town, providing marvelous views of Perce, our ship, Perce Rock, and Bonaventure Island. They also visited a general store, where guides dressed in old-fashioned attire told stories of the store's history, and Pic de L'Aurore and Mount Joli overlooks, which had terrific vistas of the area. The exceptional weather made the tour even better, and I expected it to be perfect for our hike on Bonaventure Island.

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