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Le Boreal Travel Journal - Boston to Montreal 10-Day Cruise


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Day 3 - Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove (c) Linda Garrison
We boarded the bus for the Le Boreal shore excursion to famous Peggy's Cove about 2:45. We had two buses on the excursion, and they put the six English-speaking guests on one of those large accordion buses. We sat in the back of the accordion and listened to the English guide while the French had a microphoned-guide in the front. Our guide Lynn was a retired nurse from Halifax who worked for the tour operators as a fun job. She was very good and kept us entertained with information about the region as we drove through Halifax and on the hour's drive to Peggy's Cove.

Peggy's Cove has less than 75 inhabitants, but is visited by thousands each year since it is one of the best known fishing villages in the world. The town was built on granite bedrock, so it doesn't have much soil for growing anything. It is a charming place, and marvelous for photographers and artists. Peggy's Cove sits at the mouth of Margaret's Bay. According to the legend, a young woman named Margaret was rescued from a shipwreck, settled in the area, and married one of her rescuers.

Many visitors to Peggy's Cove sit on the benches just watching the sea or the lighthouse. The village has a few art galleries and shops, but you can see the whole village in about an hour. We stayed an hour and a half. I took a bunch of photos, ate a delicious lemon ginger ice cream cone, and browsed a little in the shops, even buying a refrigerator magnet. Although we thought it might rain, the sun came out as we approached Peggy's Cove, so I left my raincoat on the bus.

I had dinner at the casual buffet at the Grill Restaurant. It was another good meal, but I think I prefer being waited on in the main restaurant. As with most nights, the evening entertainment included live piano music in both the main lounge and the panoramic lounge. This evening we also had a piano concert in the theater.

Le Boreal would be in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia the next day.

Le Boreal New England and Atlantic Canada Cruise Travel Journal

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  3. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  4. Halifax - Peggy's Cove
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