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Le Boreal Travel Journal - Boston to Montreal 10-Day Cruise


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Day 10 - Quebec City
The Frontenac Hotel is the best-known symbol of Quebec City

The Frontenac Hotel is the best-known symbol of Quebec City on the St. Lawrence River.

Quebec City (c) Linda Garrison
The next day was our last full day on the cruise, and (as usual), was both a sad and happy day. I am always ready to go home, but sad to miss out on the interesting ports of call ahead and the fascinating people I always meet along the way. Our last port of call was a great one--Quebec City.

Le Boreal docked right next to the Crown Princess (3700 passengers), and after being spoiled with no other ships around in our ports, it was kind of weird. I had an early morning (8:15) walking tour of Quebec City, and this time it was only me with the one German couple on board. He spoke French, she didn't, but they both spoke English, so they always came on our English tours. We walked all over the old city with our guide Jacques, moving quickly since there were only four of us. Most of the other tours hadn't started, so we were almost alone on this early Sunday morning in Quebec City.

I had visited Quebec City for a half day back in the last century, and the city was as charming as I remembered. It's funny to me that the symbol of this very old city is a hotel built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in the late 1800's. The Frontenac Hotel sits where the old fort was and is certainly the icon most of us associate with the town.

Our small group of four rode the funicular up to the top of the old town of Quebec City and after touring it, had about 30 minutes free time before walking back to the ship. I enjoyed browsing on a narrow street filled with local artists' work and seeing the Notre Dame Cathedral. Good tour. I got back to the ship about 12:15 and had lunch, which was a creamy asparagus soup, risotto with shrimp, and a chocolate mousse with some type of pastry.

Le Boreal wasn't sailing until 7:00 pm, and we had all aboard at 6:30. My cabin was on the dock side, and it was a lot of fun watching the people stroll past both ships. The temperature was the warmest we had seen -- I think about 80. Like all of the St. Lawrence River up to Montreal, the tides run 15-20 feet at Quebec City. My cabin sank towards the dock as the tide went out. By the time we left, I could have almost stepped from the deck 5 cabin to the bank.

After a late lunch, almost everyone went back into town, but I read my book and sat on the balcony and watched the world go by on the cruise ship pier.

Dinner was good, but not as good as most nights. Maybe after ten days of good food, I was just burned out. I had the consomme (other soup was creamed green peas), salad, salmon, and chocolate sundae.

After dinner, I picked up my passport, checked over my bill, and packed, all ready to disembark in Montreal the next morning.


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