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Un-Cruise Adventures - Wilderness Discoverer Cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage


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Cruise Travel Journal Introduction
Wilderness Discoverer in Alaska

The Wilderness Discoverer is a small adventure ship operated by Un-Cruise Adventures. The ship sails 7-night cruises of Alaska's Inside Passage between Juneau and Ketchikan.

Wilderness Discoverer (c) Linda Garrison

Un-Cruise Adventures Overview

Un-Cruise Adventures is a small ship cruise line started in 2013, but her roots go back to 1996 when American Safari Cruises was established. In 2008 American Safari Cruises gained a new parent company when its former CEO Dan Blanchard – who headed American Safari Cruises from 2001 through 2008 – formed InnerSea Discoveries, LLC with partner Tim Jacox and purchased American Safari Cruises. After a significant fleet expansion, the company changed its name to Un-Cruise Adventures in January 2013. The fleet currently consists of eight ships directly operated by the company. The ships sail Alaska, the Sea of Cortes, Hawaiian Islands, coastal Washington, British Columbia and Columbia & Snake Rivers. 

Overview of Un-Cruise Adventures' Wilderness Discoverer Cruise

I sailed from Ketchikan to Juneau on the 76-passenger Un-Cruise Adventures' Wilderness Discoverer in early September, and loved the small ship experience. We had a ship full of adventure-seeking nature lovers, all anxious to hike, kayak, and explore the wonders of Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage. I don't think anyone on the ship was disappointed in our cruise experience. The crew was fantastic, adjusting the itinerary to avoid gale force winds blowing down the passage. Since Southeast Alaska is primarily a giant rainforest, most days it rained, but not enough to keep anyone from getting out and exploring. As detailed on the following pages, the food greatly exceeded our expectations, especially given the size of the tiny galley. And, the wildlife sightings and natural wonders of the area continually amazed us each and every day.

Join me on the Wilderness Discoverer as we sail the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.

Alaska Adventure on the Un-Cruise Adventures' Wilderness Discoverer - Cruise Travel Log

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