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Alaska Inside Passage - Small Ship Cruise

InnerSea Discoveries Wilderness Discoverer Cruise from Ketchikan to Juneau


Cruise ship guests on a small ship like the Wilderness Discoverer of InnerSea Discoveries get to experience (and not just see) so much of Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage. Activities like hiking, kayaking, and exploring by small boat offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in this great land.

These Alaska pictures were taken on a 7-day cruise on the Wilderness Discoverer from Ketchikan to Juneau. Most days on the cruise the ship was anchored in secluded coves or we were whale or glacier-watching, but we did spend one day in Petersburg.

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Orcas (Killer Whales) in AlaskaOrcas (Killer Whales) in AlaskaOrcas in AlaskaOrcas in AlaskaAlaska Coastal Mountains at SunsetAlaska Coastal Mountains at SunsetAlaska RainbowAlaska Rainbow
Wilderness Discoverer and North Dawes GlacierWilderness Discoverer and North Dawes GlacierFord's Terror Waterfall in AlaskaFord's Terror Waterfall in AlaskaEndicott Arm Iceberg in AlaskaEndicott Arm Iceberg in AlaskaFord's Terror WaterfallFord's Terror Waterfall
Ford's Terror WaterfallFord's Terror WaterfallFord's Terror WaterfallFord's Terror Waterfall in AlaskaPort Houghton, Alaska on the Inside Passage near JuneauPort Houghton, Alaska on the Inside Passage near JuneauExploring Ford's Terror via Small BoatExploring Ford's Terror via Small Boat
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