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Disney Fantasy - Animator's Palate Dining Room


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Placemat Characters Come to Life
Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate

The characters drawn by the diners range from basic to excellent. All marched, danced, or skated in the animated video. The pirate was done by one of my dining companions. Isn't it terrific?

Disney Fantasy (c) Linda Garrison
After the Disney Fantasy dinner, the animated curtains are opened on the screens in Animator's Palate, and Sorcerer Mickey returns for the finale. With a flourish and musical crescendo, Mickey conjures the guests' drawings – now fully animated and brought to life – into the onscreen action.

At our dinner, Mickey led a parade of the guests' drawings in a march across the screens around the dining room. Everyone hooted and hollered as "their" character came to life. Some characters, like mine shown on the previous page, were pretty bad and very basic. Others were marvelous and showed great creativity. However, all the drawings were included. As the show continued, the animation of the drawings became increasingly more elaborate, and then the drawings stepped into scenes from beloved Disney movies and skipped, skated, and danced side-by-side with characters such as Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella and Snow White.

Seeing our own original animated characters dancing with the famous Disney characters would have been enough of a thrill for most of the diners in the Animated Palate on the Disney Fantasy. However, there was more to come.

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