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Disney Fantasy - Animator's Palate Dining Room


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Draw Your Own Animated Character
Animator's Palate template on the Disney Fantasy

Diners use this template to create their own animated character on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. (I wish I had made a photo of a blank template; I'm certainly no artist!)

Disney Fantasy (c) Linda Garrison
As discussed on the previous page, the Disney Fantasy features a new show called "Animation Magic" in the Animator's Palate dining room.

Like Animator's Palate on the Disney Dream, guests will feel like they have entered a classic animation studio as they step into Animator's Palate. Throughout the restaurant, pillars are fashioned like huge pencils and brushes. Character sketches and film strips adorn the room, and markers are incorporated into the table decorations. The butter knives are even shaped like painter's palette knives. The room is not done in black and white like it is on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The dining room chairs feature red and yellow colors and a trademark design – Mickey Mouse pants with two bright yellow buttons. Very cute and nice touch for those who love to find all the "hidden Mickeys" on the ships.

As guests are seated at their tables, they will see a simple blank template on their placemat. Using the markers on the table, they are invited to draw their own character and give it to the waiter.

Just before dinner, house lights dim and several large monitors show animated, black and white drawings of Mickey Mouse. Mickey then places the Sorcerer's hat upon his head which transforms him, as well as all of the other pencil drawings shown throughout the room, from black and white to color.

A montage of memorable food-themed moments from Disney and Pixar animated films set to "Be Our Guest" follows Mickey's introduction. After the "Be Our Guest" number is complete, the curtains on the screens are closed, and guests are encouraged to complete their own drawings, if they have not already done so.

While dining, we were enjoying the food so much, we almost forgot about the magical happenings Mickey and his crew were working on backstage.

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