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Disney Fantasy - Animator's Palate Dining Room


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Become a Disney Animator
Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate

The video screens start out in simple black and white on the Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate Restaurant, but magically transform during the dinner.

Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate (c) Linda Garrison
Disney Cruises' newest ship, the Disney Fantasy, joined the fleet in March 2012. Her star-studded christening event in New York City was the talk of the town (and the travel industry) for days afterward.

The new ship is a sister to the gorgeous Disney Dream launched in 2011. Although the Disney Fantasy has many commonalities with its sister, it also has many exciting new features, including the amazing interactive show at the Animator's Palate Dining Room.

Those who have sailed on the other Disney cruise ships will know that Animator's Palate is one of the three main restaurants on the ship. Guests rotate (with their serving staff) through the restaurants, giving them the opportunity to experience three very different dining experiences, while enjoying the continuity of the same waiters. On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, the dining room starts out with black and white drawings on the walls, and the waiters are dressed in black and white. Before the dinner is over, the drawings magically change into vibrant colors, as do the waiters' uniforms. It's quite fun.

Taking the idea one step further, some of the artwork on the walls of Animator's Palate on the Disney Dream are actually over 100 wall-mounted LCD screens with changing scenes and characters from Disney and Disney•Pixar films. While guests are dining, the entire restaurant goes through a transformation into the "Undersea Magic" showtime. It's like you are on a giant submarine, with views of the ocean floor and colorful coral reefs. In addition to the vivid scenery, Crush, the sea turtle from Disney•Pixar's "Finding Nemo," swims around the restaurant from "window" to "window," engaging in live impromptu interactions with guests.

The Disney Fantasy Animator's Palate builds on the successes of its predecessors. Since the ship will normally sail 7-day cruises, guests will have the opportunity to dine at Animator's Palate twice. One show will be the "Undersea Magic" seen on the Disney Dream. The second show is called "Animation Magic", which I predict will be a huge hit. It certainly was the night I dined there, and everyone in Animator's Palate was an adult. Many have dreamed of being an animator, and now they have a chance to show off on the Disney Fantasy! Guests draw their own figures, which are picked up by the waiters before the first course is served. By the time dessert is over, these simple (or not) drawings are all transformed into amazing animated characters, dancing and marching their way around the video screens. Everyone at my table shrieked (yes, shrieked) when they saw their figure.

Let's take a more detailed look at Animation Magic.

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