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Celebrity Silhouette Lounges and Bars


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Celebrity Silhouette Lounges and Bars
Crush on the Celebrity Silhouette

Crush is a small alcove adjacent to the Martini Bar on the Celebrity Silhouette. It features premium vodka and caviar pairings on an table filled with crushed ice.

Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison
The Celebrity Silhouette has enough lounges and bars scattered throughout the ship to keep anyone who likes to socialize happy. Starting at the top, there's the forward Sky Observation Lounge, along with the outdoor Sunset Bar and Mast Bar. These three will be familiar to those who have sailed on other Celebrity Solstice-class ships.

Moving through the ship, guests will find other familiar bars such as the Ensemble Lounge, Martini Bar, Quasar, Galleria Tastings, and the Passport Bar. The Celebrity Silhouette also has a Michael's Club, but the lounge has been transformed into a brew pub, with selection of more than 50 beers.

Let's take a look at each of these bars and lounges on the Celebrity Silhouette.

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