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Celebrity Silhouette - Dining and Cuisine


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Celebrity Silhouette - Dining and Cuisine
The Lawn Club Grill on the Celebrity Silhouette

The Lawn Club Grill is a new dining venue on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship. It's great fun, and you can even cook your own dinner!

Celebrity Silhouette (c) Linda Garrison
The Celebrity Silhouette has some of the most diverse specialty dining venues at sea. My favorite is Qsine, with its dozens of small tasting items that feature surprising presentations. However, I think the new Lawn Club Grill will also be a big hit with cruise travelers. Of course, several of the popular excellent specialty restaurants found on other Celebrity ships have made their way to the Celebrity Silhouette, like Murano, Blu, Tuscan Grille, and the Bistro on Five creperie.

In addition to these specialty restaurants, the Celebrity Silhouette has one of the most spacious and airy buffet restaurants at sea, the Oceanview Cafe and Bar. Use of numerous stations rather than buffet lines really cuts down on lines since you can skip the types of food that don't interest you and splurge on those that do. Grand Cuvee is the main dining room, and it is as gorgeous as the rooms on the Celebrity Silhouette's sister ships in the Solstice-class, with the same bubbly chandelier and dramatic wine tower.

Those looking for something light and/or quick will appreciate the Mast Grill near the pool, The Porch next to The Lawn Club, and the Aqua Spa Cafe in the Solarium. I'm not a coffee drinker but love gelato, so I try (usually unsuccessfully) to avoid the Cafe al Bacio and Gelateria on Celebrity ships. There are too many temptations!

Let's take a tour of the dining venues on the Celebrity Silhouette.

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