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Carnival Magic - Cabins

Suites and Accommodations on the Carnival Magic Cruise Ship


The Carnival Magic cabins and suites are almost identical to the Carnival Dream cabins and suites. One change from other Carnival ships is an energy conservation measure that requires you to insert your cabin key into a slot inside the door to activate the lights. When you leave, remove the key and the lights turn off in about 30 seconds. Removing the key card from the slot does not turn off the air conditioner or disable the plug-ins needed to charge camera batteries, cell phones, etc. Not only does this process save energy, it keeps you from misplacing your key!

On the Carnival Dream 9-day inaugural voyage, I stayed in balcony cabin #9228, and these photos are from that cabin. The bathroom for the cabin was a good size, with nice lighting, a magnifying shaving/makeup mirror, adequate shelves, and excellent water pressure in the shower. The shower has a curtain rather than a glass door, but since the shower stall is large, the plastic curtain doesn't wrap around you.

The balcony cabin had three closets--two with hangars and the third with shelves. There's a flat screen television that can best be seen from the bed. The bed is high enough from the floor to allow easy storage of suitcases. The cabin has a sofa bed and small table, lighted desk/vanity area, and a small refrigerator and safe.

The balcony is large enough for two chairs and a small table. The balcony does not have a sliding glass door, it has one that opens outward. One of the two problems I saw with this cabin was that both the balcony and cabin doors slam very loudly when you release them. Coupled with the second problem I saw in this cabin--the ability to hear voices and noise through the connecting door to the next cabin--this banging of doors gets very distracting. Those who are light sleepers might want to select a cabin without a connecting door. Other than those two issues, I thought the balcony cabins were quite nice and a good value.

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Carnival Magic - Balcony CabinCarnival Magic Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Balcony Cabin Sitting AreaCarnival Magic - Balcony Cabin Sitting Area and Sofa BedCarnival Magic - Balcony ViewCarnival Magic - Balcony ViewCarnival Magic - Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Balcony Cabin
Carnival Magic CabinCarnival Magic CabinCarnival Magic - Sink and Storage Shelves in Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Sink and Storage Shelves in Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Bathroom in Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Bathroom in Balcony CabinCarnival Magic - Balcony ChairsCarnival Magic - Balcony Chairs
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