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Carnival Breeze Mediterranean Cruise Travel Journal


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Mallorca - Riding the Train from Soller to Palma de Mallorca
View of Mallorca from the historic train that connects Soller and Palma de Mallorca

View of Mallorca from the historic train that connects Soller and Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca (c) Linda Garrison
After another sunny day at sea, the Carnival Breeze arrived in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands. This island is sometimes spelled Majorca, but either is correct.

Mallorca is a favorite vacation spot for many Europeans, so there are interesting activities for most every taste. The island is large, so a driving tour is fun, and you can stop at the former monastery at Valldemosa, explore small villages, or even visit the Caves of Drach.

Many of our fellow passengers took the shuttle into the city, but Mom and I did a tour to Soller (pronounced Sawyer) on the northern coast of the island. We rode for about an hour through the city and onto Soller, crossing the dry plains and mountain range than divides Mallorca. The bus dropped us off at the edge of town, and we had to walk about 15 minutes to the city center. I felt very badly for a few people on the tour who struggled to make the walk. The Carnival description of the tour labeled it a "level 2", which equates to moderate activity. The Carnival brochure description was, "fairly active excursion requiring intermittent effort throughout. May involve recurring physical movement, including walking medium distances over uneven surfaces and climbing stairs." Not sure why passengers often don't seem to read the shore excursion descriptions and recognize their own limitations. It's scary for me to see the pain of exertion in the faces of those who have trouble walking, but it's also a little unfair for a large group to be continually slowed down by a few who can't keep up and ignored the shore excursion description.

After our bus ride across and through (via tunnels) the mountains, we arrived at the downtown square of Soller. We had a free hour to explore the small town, have a homemade gelato, drink fresh orange juice, shop, and take a potty break. At 12:00, we walked about a block to the train station to ride the Tren de Soller (Soller Train) over the mountains and back to Palma. Ronnie and I had ridden the train several years before, but it was a foggy, rainy day, and this time was much more scenic. The narrow gauge train was built in the early 1900's and became an electric train in 1929. The old train cars are wooden, and the route back to Palma passes through 13 tunnels in the 50-minute ride. I think everyone on the tour (except those with walking difficulties) really enjoyed the tour.

A bus picked us up at the train station and headed back towards the ship. Some people got off the bus near the cathedral in Palma (about 3 miles away from the dock), but we had toured it before so decided to head back to the Carnival Breeze and start packing for disembarkation in Barcelona the next day.

Carnival Breeze Mediterranean Cruise Itinerary

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