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Carnival Breeze


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The 1,349-seat Ovation Theater is the main show lounge on the Carnival Breeze cruise ship.

The 1,349-seat Ovation Theater is the main show lounge on the Carnival Breeze cruise ship.

Carnival Breeze (c) Linda Garrison
Carnival Breeze is the first ship to feature all of the new entertainment offerings that are part of the line's "Fun Ship 2.0" enhancement initiative as well as the first to debut the new Thrill Theater, an interactive, multi-dimensional experience that make guests feel as if they are part of the movie.

The theater combines a high-definition projection system with elements such as squirting water and bubbles. It also has original special effects that tickle guests' legs, blow air on their necks, and poke them in their seats. Seats within the theater shift back and forth, move from side to side and also vibrate, creating an exciting and exhilarating experience. Guests receive special glasses that deliver an immersive movie-going experience.

Carnival Breeze is also the first ship to offer Playlist Productions, 30-minute, high-tech production shows that combine captivating live performances with LED staging and special effects. Four exciting revues are currently offered - "Divas," "Latin Nights," "Motor City," and "The Brits!" - each featuring popular and memorable music encompassing a variety of styles, genres and eras. I liked the shorter shows, but missed having the large troupe of live dancers. The younger (i.e. under 45) guests I spoke with were all thrilled with these faster-paced, technology-focused shows.

One new entertainment option was surprisingly fun to me and was a huge hit with the Carnival Breeze guests who attended and participated. Hasbro, The Game Show puts guests right in the middle of their favorite Hasbro games. Some of the games featured include:

  • SORRY! SLIDERS, which involves a giant shuffleboard court;
  • SIMON FLASH, where two teams of four guests wear giant light-up color boxes and must shuffle themselves quickly to repeat a color sequence;
  • YAHTZEE BOWLING, with a giant ball and larger-than-life-sized bowling pins;
  • OPERATION SAM DUNK, which is set up like a skee-ball board where contestants try to get the balls into different slots on the "patient's" body, and
  • CONNECT 4 BASKETBALL, which uses a basketball setup rather than the traditional checkers to play.
Also featured on Carnival Breeze is the new "Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez," a partnership with the popular comedian and TV personality. Lopez serves as Carnival's "curator of comedy," acting as a consultant on the vetting and hiring of comedic talent for the line's popular comedy program.

Carnival Breeze also features The Punchliner Comedy Brunch presented by George Lopez, an interesting twist on the traditional mid-morning feast with five- to six-minute performances each hour by the onboard comedians who entertain guests as they enjoy a variety of delicious favorites such as omelets and macaroni and cheese.

Additionally, DJs on the Carnival Breeze are trained under the new "DJ IRIE Spin'iversity" led by the award-winning DJ IRIE, a disc jockey widely known in Miami and Las Vegas.

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