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Azamara Club Cruises


Azamara Journey of Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Journey of Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Journey (c) Linda Garrison

Azamara Club Cruises Lifestyle:

Azamara Club Cruises was founded in 2007 and focuses on destination, service, food and wine, and wellness and vitality. The premium cruise line's two ships often either depart late in the evening or even overnight in ports in order to maximize guests' time at a destination. Since the itinerary changes with each cruise, back-to-back bookings are common. The "Club" part of the Azamara Club Cruises name is a reminder of the relaxed onboard country club atmosphere, with open seating dining, no formal nights, and complimentary bottled water and soft drinks anytime and complimentary wine at lunch and dinner.

Azamara Club Cruises Cruise Ships:

Azamara Club Cruises owns two 694-guest cruise ships--the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest. These two mid-sized boutique ships were originally built as the "R" class ships for Renaissance Cruises and were refurbished for Azamara in 2007. The ships have over 400 international staff and crew members.

Azamara Club Cruises Passenger Profile:

Most Azamara Club Cruises' passengers are active and well-traveled adults. This cruise line is not a good choice for families with children. Azamara passengers want to experience new destinations in an intimate, refined, upscale cruise experience. The guests primarily come from North America and other English-speaking countries, with a few from elsewhere in the world. The average age is over 45, and since many of the cruises are longer than a week, most passengers are retired or have the time to take extended vacations. Typical Azamara Club Cruises' guests are not looking for a party atmosphere, Las Vegas-style entertainment, or non-stop onboard activities.

Azamara Club Cruises Accommodations and Cabins:

The two identical 694-passenger ships have 26 interior, 80 oceanview, and 199 balcony cabins, and 42 suites of three types. The decor is comfortable and subdued. The cabins are of adequate size, but not as large as on some luxury ships. The suites, especially the Owner's Suites, are very nice and as large as some urban apartments. There is a complimentary guest laundry centrally located on deck 7.

Azamara Club Cruises Cuisine and Dining:

The four main dining venues are excellent, with varied cuisine and interesting dishes. The open seating, country club casual atmosphere, accompanied by the complimentary wines at lunch and dinner, makes dining a real pleasure on the ships. For more on Azamara Club Cruises' dining venues see this detailed article on the Azamara Journey Dining and Cuisine.

Azamara Club Cruises Onboard Activities and Entertainment:

The Azamara Club Cruises' mid-sized ships do not have many of the activities found on mega-ships. There's no rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, or water slide. The Cabaret Lounge, the ship's largest entertainment venue, features singers, comedians, and musicians in an intimate night club atmosphere. The ship has an orchestra and disco music for dancing in the evenings, an onboard pianist, and a harpist or other solo musician who provides live lounge entertainment in the evenings. Since the open seating dinner time ranges from about 5:30 to 9:30, there are usually two headliner shows in the Cabaret Lounge.

Azamara Club Cruises Common Areas:

The Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest are lovely ships, done in subdued colors and elegant furnishings. Their smallish (compared to many of the newer mega-ships) size makes navigating around the ships easy. The ships have three small boutique shops, a casino, and several lovely lounges and bar areas. The pool doesn't have a water slide, but it does have many very comfortable lounge chairs and a whirlpool. There is a large computer room, and WiFi works throughout the ship.
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Azamara Club Cruises Spa, Gym, and Fitness:

The Azamara Club Cruises' ships have a full service Astral Spa and Salon with a Thalassotherapy Pool, Acupuncture center, and well-equipped gym and fitness center. Many of the fitness classes, including spinning, yoga, and Pilates are complimentary.

More on Azamara Club Cruises:

Azamara Club Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The cruise line's two ships sail world-wide itineraries.

Azamara Club Cruises Contact information:

Azamara Club Cruises
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida 33132
Phone: 877-999-9553
Website: http://AzamaraClubCruises.com

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