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St. Petersburg, Russia - Port of Call - Cruises - About.com
St. Petersburg, Russia is a fascinating port of call in Northern Europe for Baltic cruisers or for those on river cruises of the Russian Waterways between St.
Traveler's Facts and FAQs for St. Petersburg, Russia - Cruises
Frequently asked questions and topics about St. Petersburg, Russia. Things you should know before you cruise to St. Petersburg.
Ice Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia - Cruises - About.com
The Ice Bar in St. Petersburg is much like the Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm--a great place for a photo and a drink. The Ice Bar in St. Petersburg is found on a ...
St. Petersburg, Russia's Window to the West - Eastern Europe Travel
Whatever you call it, the original St. Petersburg was in Russia, not Florida. This city was never intended to be Russian at all - or rather, it was founded to ...
St. Petersburg, Russia's Must-See Sights - Eastern Europe Travel
There are dozens of historical and cultural attractions in St. Petersburg that ... The location of one of Russia's most famous historical prisons, the Peter and Paul ...
Dostoevsky Sites in St. Petersburg Russia - Eastern Europe Travel
If you're a fan of Dostoyevsky, you won't want to travel to St. Petersburg without ... Dostoevsky (also spelled "Dostoyevsky") spent much of his life in Russia's ...
The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Petersburg Russia
Traveling to Russia as a vegetarian can be a challenge. Luckily, many Russian cities are starting to catch on to the "trend" of vegetarianism and lots of ...
Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia - Cruises - About.com
The Hermitage Museum has room after room of remarkable artistic masterpieces done by famous artists from around the world such as Leonardo da Vinci, ...
When was St. Petersburg known as Petrograd and Leningrad?
The answer to the question - When was St. Petersburg known as Petrograd and ... St. Petersburg, which is Russia's second largest urban area, was founded in ...
Top Ten Nightclubs in St. Petersburg, Russia - Eastern Europe Travel
Fill your St. Petersburg nights with music and dance at these 10 clubs. ... more liberal towards homosexuality than other parts of Russia, and this club is a big hit.
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