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Celebrity Cruises' Lawn Club - Answers to Frequently Asked - About ...
Scroll down below the photo to read some fun facts about the Lawn Club on the Celebrity Cruises' Solstice-class ships. Here's another photo of the grassy area.
Celebrity Silhouette - The Lawn Club Grill - Cruises - About.com
Information on The Lawn Club Grill, an interactive restaurant on the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship.
Celebrity Reflection - Lawn Club Grill - Cruises - About.com
The Lawn Club Grill is Celebrity's newest restaurant. It was first added to the Celebrity Silhouette and was so popular that the cruise line also added it to the ...
Celebrity Solstice Lawn Club - Cruises - About.com
The Celebrity Solstice is the first ship to have "real" grass growing on its top deck at the Lawn Club. Photo Credit: Celebrity Solstice Photo (c) Linda Garrison.
Lawn Club on the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Photo
Celebrity Solstice Lawn Club. ... Celebrity Solstice Lawn Club. - Celebrity Cruises. Billowing sails provide shade over portions of the Lawn Club.
Celebrity Silhouette Lawn Club Overview - Cruises - About.com
Overview image of the Celebrity Silhouette Lawn Club.
Celebrity Silhouette - Lawn Club Adirondack Chair
Cruise ship picture of Linda Garrison sitting in one of the over-sized Adirondack chairs on the Celebrity Silhouette.
Celebrity Silhouette - Lawn Club Grill - Cruises - About.com
Cruise ship picture of a view of the Lawn Club Grill from the Lawn Club on the Celebrity Silhouette.
Celebrity Silhouette - Lawn Club Alcoves - Cruises - About.com
Cruise ship picture of the Lawn Club Alcoves on the Celebrity Silhouette.
Celebrity Eclipse - Lawn Club - Cruises - About.com
Cruise ship picture of the Celebrity Eclipse Lawn Club.
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