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Travel Guide to Hong Kong and Macau
Hong Kong Travel Guide revealing Hong Kong and Macau's best sightseeing, restaurants, hotels and nightlife. Let our travel guide to Hong Kong and Macau ...
World War II: Battle of Hong Kong - Military History - About.com
The Battle of Hong Kong was fought December 8-25, 1941, during World War II. Attacking Hong Kong, the Japanese were able to overwhelm the British garrison  ...
Hong Kong Skyscrapers - Travel Guide to Hong Kong and Macau
Hong Kong is famed for its skyscrapers. The city has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world, even putting New York to shame. We've got some of the ...
Must see sights of Hong Kong - About.com
From the skyscrapers to the skyline, these are the top ten Hong Kong sights you need to tick off.
Hong Kong to China - what you need to know - About.com
Hong Kong to China - Visas, transport and the Great Chinese firewall everything you need to know.
Why Did China Lease Hong Kong to Britain?
Answer: The short answer is that China lost Hong Kong to Great Britain in the Opium Wars, and later leased adjacent territories to the British under duress.
What Country Is Hong Kong in? China or Not? - About.com
What country is Hong Kong in, you'll hear the city is its own city country, that its part of China and, for those who've been sleeping for the past ten years, a colony  ...
China vs. Hong Kong - Chinese Culture - About.com
China and Hong Kong are the same country, but that doesn't mean they always get along. But what's the cause of all the bickering?
What to Visit in Hong Kong - About.com
Want to know what to visit in Hong Kong. Check out our quick fire guide to the top 5 essential sights.
Hong Kong Sightseeing - Sightseeing in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has much more diversity in sights than most people think. Aside from streets banked with skyscrapers, there is imposing colonial architecture, ornate ...
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