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Cocktails - About.com
A comprehensive guide to cocktails on About.com that includes a great selection of cocktail and mixed drink recipes. Also learn about distilled spirits, bartending ...
10 Essential Classic Cocktails to Try - About.com
There are many cocktails and mixed drinks that you can make, but there are a handful that are necessary to building a true, classic cocktail experience.
Popular Martinis and Cocktails a Bartender Should Know
There are thousands of martinis and cocktails being made in bars throughout the world, though there are a number of cocktail recipes that are universal. This list ...
Popular Highball Mixed Drinks a Bartender Should Know - Cocktails
Highballs are mixed drinks that are typically are typically made up of just a few ingredients and served in a tall glass. This list includes the most common ...
Popular Drinks & Wine Cocktails a Bartender Should Know
Though they may not be as popular as other cocktails, there are a number of hot drinks, wine cocktails, and stick drinks that a bartender should know how to ...
Top 10 Rum Cocktails to Try (Daiquiri, Mojito, and More)
If you are just starting to pick through the many rum cocktails available, these 10 recipes are a good place to begin and they show off rum's full range.
10 Essential and Popular Vodka Cocktails - About.com
Vodka is used in many cocktails, but few are as popular as these 10 vodka cocktails which are easy recipes and essential to a well-rounded drink repertoire.
Cinco De Mayo Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipes - Cocktails
Once a year on the fifth day of May, Mexican heritage is celebrated throughout Mexico and the United States. Here are a few Mexican-inspired cocktails that are  ...
Popular Lowball & Short Drinks a Bartender Should Know - Cocktails
This second list of drinks is very similar to the highballs in that most only have one or two spirits or mixers and are served on the rocks. Drinks of this style are ...
5 Easy Steps to Better Cocktails - About.com
Do you ever wonder why your cocktails don't taste like the pro's drinks? Sometimes it is the little things that can make the difference between a great cocktail, ...
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