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Find Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipes, Bartending Tips and More ...
A comprehensive guide to cocktails on About.com that includes a great selection of cocktail and mixed drink recipes. Also learn about distilled spirits, bartending ...
Cocktail and Mixed Drink Recipe Directory - About.com Cocktails
A collection of cocktail recipes that are sure to please. Featuring martinis, tropicals, champagne cocktails, hot drinks, mocktails and more.
The Culture, History, Fun and Literature Surrounding Cocktails and ...
Today's cocktail culture is filled with many interesting aspects. From hosting a variety of parties, to learning the history of drinks and spirits, and finding a few ...
"A" Cocktail Recipes - Browse by Drink Name - About.com Cocktails
There are thousands of cocktail recipes available and this alphabetical directory will help you find what you are looking for. Browse the collection of cocktail ...
Popular Cocktail and Mixed Drinks Recipes Index
There are thousands of cocktail recipes available, some are timeless classics that will forever be popular and other are a bit more obscure, though not to be ...
Wedding Day Cocktail Recipes - About.com Cocktails
Here are a few cocktails you may want to serve at your engagement party, ... These cocktails are a great place to begin making your wedding cocktail menu.
Definitions of Cocktail, Bartending, and Distilling Terms
The bar and cocktail scene has its own set of words used to describe various aspects of the craft. Read about these terms and find more information in The Bar  ...
Winter Cocktail Classic Rum Recipe - About.com Cocktails
This recipe for a classic Winter Cocktail includes rum and the spice of ginger and pimento dram and it is perfect any time of year.
5 Easy Steps to Better Cocktails - About.com Cocktails
Do you ever wonder why your cocktails don't taste like the pro's drinks? Sometimes it is the little things that can make the difference between a great cocktail, ...
Definition and History of the Cocktail
The cocktail is a style of mixed drink of liquor, water, sugar and bitters. The history of the cocktail is not that clear cut though and it is a rather fascinating, though ...
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