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Holiday Shopping for Travelers

Shopper's List of Gifts to Buy for Cruise Lovers

Cloth jewelry carrier Garment bag
Passport wallet or case Rolling luggage of any size
Leather travel journal Duffel bag
Shaving kit Luggage cart
Cosmetic bag Travel trunk
Business card holder Travel bar
Stationery or writing pad Notebook computer bag
Money clip Travel clock
Money belt Multi-time zone watch
Security belt wallet or neck wallet Packing organizers
Waist pack Compact travel umbrella
Opera glasses Currency converter
Binoculars Neck pillow
Travel games Luggage tags
Note jotter/supply of "stickies" Luggage straps
Electricity converters Luggage locks
Plastic refillable bottles Sewing kit
Compact scissors Laundry line
Eye shades Sunglasses
Flask PDA and/or accessories
Computer supplies (paper, printer toner, etc.) Extra batteries for electronic gadgets
Digital camera Scanner
iPad case GPS (global positioning system)
Camera supplies (SD cards, bag, photo album, etc.) Easy travel clothing (wrinkle free)
Disposable underwater camera for snorkeling Travel gift certificate
Floor or desk globe Travel maps or atlases
Wall map of the world

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