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Madeira Photo Album - Mixing Ponche Punch
Silversea Silver Whisper Pictures Made at Madeira on a Cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon

While on our 4-wheel-drive shore excursion on Madeira, we made a "pit stop" at a small cafe/store/bar. It had very clean facilities, which is important when you are bouncing around on back roads!  More importantly, it gave us a chance to sample one of the local rum drinks called Ponche punch, even though it was only 10 o'clock in the morning. Madeira is a long way from the Caribbean, but this drink reminded me of a sunny beach. The island grows numerous citrus fruits and lots of sugar cane, so I guess we weren't surprised to find that the ingredients included:

  • freshly squeezed orange juice (must be squeezed immediately before mixing the drink, not before)
  • lemon juice
  • honey
  • Aguardente (Madeiran rum with a moonshine-like proof)

We were surprised to not find any Madeiran wine in the drink, but I guess you might not want to waste good wine in a mixed drink. (I'm also not sure how rum and Madeira wine would mix!) As you can see in the photo below, our "bartender" used a blender, but not in the way we normally might! The Ponche punch was very tasty, and we all thought they made the traditional shore excursion bathroom break much more enjoyable.  

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Mixing Ponche punch, a rum drink made in Madeira
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