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Aranui 3 Cabin Comforts Will Surprise Tahiti Cruise Passengers

Passenger Cabins on the Aranui 3 Cruise Freighter


Standard Cabin on the Aranui 3

Standard Cabin on the Aranui 3

Aranui 3 Photo (c) Linda Garrison
We were pleasantly surprised by the cabins on the passenger freighter the Aranui 3. In addition to the many tons of cargo, the 386-foot ship can accommodate 200 passengers in four cabin levels. All of the cabins are air conditioned. The lowest level are the Class C, which are 3 cabins configured dormitory-style, with 20 upper and lower berths and shared baths. Normally, I would think a Class C cabin would be attractive to single travelers or small groups of budget-minded, same-sex friends. However, on our cruise, a French couple with five children used one of the dormitory cabins. It was perfect for them!

The predominant type of cabin is the Standard A class, which is what my husband Ronnie and I had. Sixty-three of the cabins fall into this category, and they are all outside cabins with two lower berths and a private bath. These cabins look much like the basic lowest class on many cruise ships, with a porthole between the two beds, a night table, small desk and closet, and shower bath. The electricity is 220 volts, with a French-style plug, so you will need a voltage converter and a plug adaptor to run 110 volt items. Women should check the voltage on their hair dryer and curling iron before leaving home. Many newer hair appliances can run on either voltage, and you might just need an adaptor, but not a voltage converter. The water pressure in the shower was very good, but we were told not to drink the water from the bathroom sink. We kept bottled water in the bathroom and just poured it into the plastic glasses that were supplied. Each deck had a drinking fountain and we just kept refilling our water bottles there. Passengers may want to take a large bar of their favorite soap, since the Aranui provides only those tiny hotel-sized bars. Thirteen of the standard cabins are on the main reception deck, which is also the deck where you board the tenders. Passengers on the main deck could return to their cabins for forgotten items easily and were closer to the dining room and lounge on the decks above. The rest of the standard cabins are on A Deck and B Deck. Ronnie and I were on the lowest B deck, and after just a short time at sea, we began referring to our cabin as the "washing machine" cabin. The porthole was only a couple of feet above the water, so when sailing we constantly got a splashing action, much like a front-loading washer. If you are prone to seasickness, a cabin on B Deck is definitely the smoothest ride. We actually got where we enjoyed the sound of the waves beating against the porthole. Since the ship had exterior lights on at night, we often could see fish swimming around just a few inches outside the porthole when we were anchored. The passenger laundry was also on B deck, as was the fitness room.

The Aranui has 12 deluxe cabins and 10 suites, which are the nicest accommodations on the ship. These two categories are quite a bit larger, and have a queen-sized bed, refrigerator, TV, bathroom with tub and shower combination, and large windows rather than just a porthole. The suites also have a balcony. These cabins are significantly better than the standard stateroom, and if you love a balconied cabin as I do, you will miss it on this voyage if you don't book a suite. The deluxe cabins and suites are located above the main deck on the Star and Sun Deck. You will get more wave action in these cabins, so it is really a toss up as to whether you want calmer seas to sleep in versus nicer views and a balcony! Some of the suites have a balcony overlooking the pool and the aft area of the ship, others are located on either the port or starboard side.

Let's explore the rest of the Aranui 3.

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